Enterprise Backup and Configuration

All Access Computer can provide your business with a choice of two types of data backup technologies:

In-house Data Backup

We will provide comprehensive in house disk and tape backup and recovery for your Windows-based environment. With this continuous data protection, you can rest assured that your business critical data is always protected and can be efficiently restored in minutes from within your own infrastructure.

Online backups

Online backups offer several advantages. The main one is the disaster recovery offered by offsite storage but there are also several advantages in terms of ease of use.

No capital outlay is required for purchasing new equipment. There are no ongoing media costs or staff costs, running costs are limited to paying a monthly fee. Setup and installation is a simple matter of downloading the software, and takes only a few minutes to set up. Data recovery is equally fast, as there is no searching for the right tape or waiting for IT staff to recover lost data.

The backup process itself is completely automated which ensures that it gets done, and the backed up files can then be accessed by anyone with permission, allowing file sharing with traveling colleagues, clients, or home PCs.





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